This year Brooklyn College Academy will celebrate our second decade of excellence. Twenty years ago there was a vision to create a small school located on a college campus. The Board of Education and The City University, in our case Brooklyn College, joined forces to create our school. The idea must have been a good one -just look at us now. Our record speaks for itself. If you're trying to find letter writers for hire, on this site you site you can the examples of educational materials.
We have a small but unique school. We comprise two buildings, located about three miles apart from one another. Grades 7-10 are located at Bridges to Brooklyn, near Prospect Park. The Brooklyn College Campus site houses our upper school—11th and 12th grade.
Although we are physically separated, we are one. Our students who are involved in our band travel each week from Campus to Bridges for practice. Many of our Bridges students go to Campus to participate in various after school activities.
I am pleased to announce the PSAL has approved an athletic program for us in Boys Basketball, Boys Handball, and Girls Handball. Some may feel that this is not enough of an athletic program. As a former athletic director myself, let me say that I agree! But let us start out small, and we will grow over time.
Our success over the past twenty years has been made possible by our very special student body. Our students are some of the very best the city has to offer and, because we are a small school, look upon one another as extended family.
Lastly, no school can be successful without a strong dedicated faculty. The staff at BCA has proven to be one of the best in the city. They have also made me feel like I have worked with them for years after just a few months as their principal. Thank you!